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Hey!! I hope you enjoy snoopin' around my Moblog, these pictures will give you an insight into my day-to-day activities, adventures and discoveries, well, just my life really, Enjoy!

:: The 411 ::
Name: Arnold
Nickname(s): Button Nose · Arnie Barnie
Year of Birth: 2001
Breed: Holland Lop
Nationality: British
Hobbies: Playing Football · People Watching · Walking
Likes: Sleeping · Playtime · Soft Towels · Gettin’ loads of attention · Eating
Dislikes: My ears being touched · Going to the Vet · Loud Noises
Favourite Food: Carrots · Grapes · Cucumber · Strawberries
Personality: I’m very mischievous and I love to explore, I’m incredibly caring and gentle and never bite, unless I’m provoked. I’m extremely intelligent and am well trained. I’m a born leader, am not easily scared but I can be easily agitated.

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19th Oct 2006, 22:09   comments (0)

Chicken Carrot

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I think Arnold was trying to tell me something about his herbivore diet...
19th Oct 2006, 22:06   comments (0)

Going For A Walk

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I thought I'd upload these picture as I didn't get a chance before...
19th Oct 2006, 22:01   comments (3)


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...he soon got his own back by knocking the bag of food over and eating to his hearts content
19th Oct 2006, 22:00   comments (0)


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Imagine the disappointment when he realised it was empty...
19th Oct 2006, 22:00   comments (0)


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Arnold died at 14:50 on Sunday...

Arnold LOVED to clean his face. When we went for walks he would enjoy going in the road to clean his face...

...He got a lot worse on Sunday so we decided to take him to the emergency 24hr hospital, we got lost, just as we'd turned around he started having trouble breathing, tensed up, but cleaned his face one last time :-)
I'm glad he died in the arms of those that loved him most, not in a scary hospital.
He will always be remembered for his friendly and inquisitive nature, the way he would nudge you and run off as if to say "play with me!!" or when he just wanted a cuddle, and the way he would follow you everywhere, if I was at the computer he would be there and when I went to the kitchen I would turn around to see his cute face staring up at me :-)
18th Oct 2006, 23:05   comments (7)

The Waiting Game

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Arnold isn't his usual self today, he's had a loss of appetite, isn't drinking or running about.
I called the vet for some advice and was advised to bring him in "today, as they can deteriorate quickly." Fingers crossed it's nothing serious/fatal, it's strange as i have a feeling he wont pull through this, I don't know why, I just do. I hope to God I'm wrong...Earlier,I thought he was feeling hot so i took him outside, but he was eager to come inside, i then gave him a tomato (one of his favourites) which he ignored, I tried giving him a sweet treat and he ignored that too, I then tried with some chocolate treats, which he couldn't resist.
15:40: he's eaten a little bit of the tomato
What's strange is that whenever I pick him up and place him somewhere he stays there, which is not like his usual cheeky self.
15:49: he's a lot colder than usual...
16:04: I tried to feed him a carrot, he refused. He looks sleepy and his breathing harder than usual. Worrying.
21:16: Been to the vet, syringe fed him baby food (Apple & Peach and Mixed Vegetables)
he ate the food and drank some water via syringe, I hope he gets better, he also ate more of the carrot and some cucumber, he's also had his dosage of antibiotics, hopefully, come Monday he's back to normal...
We'll just have to wait and see...
13th Oct 2006, 21:39   comments (0)

Who Are You?

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My first ever post, excuse my moodiness, I wasn't ready for the picture!
11th Oct 2006, 18:34   comments (2)
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