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Hey!! I hope you enjoy snoopin' around my Moblog, these pictures will give you an insight into my day-to-day activities, adventures and discoveries, well, just my life really, Enjoy!

:: The 411 ::
Name: Arnold
Nickname(s): Button Nose · Arnie Barnie
Year of Birth: 2001
Breed: Holland Lop
Nationality: British
Hobbies: Playing Football · People Watching · Walking
Likes: Sleeping · Playtime · Soft Towels · Gettin’ loads of attention · Eating
Dislikes: My ears being touched · Going to the Vet · Loud Noises
Favourite Food: Carrots · Grapes · Cucumber · Strawberries
Personality: I’m very mischievous and I love to explore, I’m incredibly caring and gentle and never bite, unless I’m provoked. I’m extremely intelligent and am well trained. I’m a born leader, am not easily scared but I can be easily agitated.

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Can anyone guess what this picture is?
21st Oct 2006, 00:03   comments (1)


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20th Oct 2006, 23:54   comments (0)

Random Picture

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I like this picture too...and no, I don't have an obsession with sinks!!
20th Oct 2006, 23:51   comments (0)

I like this picture...

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...I don't know why though?!
20th Oct 2006, 23:50   comments (1)


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...@ the farm
20th Oct 2006, 23:44   comments (1)

Hello There

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20th Oct 2006, 23:27   comments (0)

(no subject)

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20th Oct 2006, 23:23   comments (0)


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...bored Arnold
20th Oct 2006, 23:21   comments (0)