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Hey!! I hope you enjoy snoopin' around my Moblog, these pictures will give you an insight into my day-to-day activities, adventures and discoveries, well, just my life really, Enjoy!

:: The 411 ::
Name: Arnold
Nickname(s): Button Nose · Arnie Barnie
Year of Birth: 2001
Breed: Holland Lop
Nationality: British
Hobbies: Playing Football · People Watching · Walking
Likes: Sleeping · Playtime · Soft Towels · Gettin’ loads of attention · Eating
Dislikes: My ears being touched · Going to the Vet · Loud Noises
Favourite Food: Carrots · Grapes · Cucumber · Strawberries
Personality: I’m very mischievous and I love to explore, I’m incredibly caring and gentle and never bite, unless I’m provoked. I’m extremely intelligent and am well trained. I’m a born leader, am not easily scared but I can be easily agitated.

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Animal Cruelty

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( some of
the stories are so sad, I don't get how people can be cruel to animals,
especially cute "lil bunnie wabbits" :-)

In the paper, a survey showed that more people are giving their pets "human" names rather than "pet names" like Lucky, Boxer etc, and the top 10 pet names now are:
5. Oscar
6. Poppy
7. Harvey
8. Alfie
9. Rosie
10. Harry
I like the names Jack & Freddie
I've always given my pets "human" names...
25th Oct 2006, 14:04   comments (6)

I Miss Arnold!!!!!!

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All this talk of getting a new pet makes me either want to go right now and
get one (unlikely) or have my old Arnold back (obviously impossible)!
I miss his mid-air jumps, his moody face (which was so funny for me and even
more frustrating to him), and even miss the way he wouldn't let me sleep, if
I was going to sleep he would run in front of me, or try a trick to make me
stay or just follow me with such a cute face.
It's weird because on the Friday he got ill I was looking
through pictures & videos of him and just thinking of how boring they were, like
a video of him running about crazily didn't mean anything when you've got
the real thing and I thought about the fact that if he died these would be
invaluable to's so true, I love these pictures now...1. This picture is right before we were about to take him to the 24hr clinic
2. Being syringe fed
24th Oct 2006, 23:26   comments (1)

Bunny Time!!

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Just thinking about getting another rabbit, I really miss having a pet, especially after Arnold who was such a character, it seems too quiet without him.

Rabbit Owners
Should I get male or female?! I've never had a female pet, is there much difference?
I was also thinking about different breeds, I wouldn't mind to get the same as last time (Holland Lop), or maybe Dutch, or Havana or Jersey Wooly?!?!

1. My Arnold (Holland Lop)
2. Jersey Wooly (this funny picture alone is making me want to get one!!)
3. Havana
4. Dutch
24th Oct 2006, 20:56   comments (6)


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22nd Oct 2006, 16:55   comments (2)


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22nd Oct 2006, 13:48   comments (0)

...and Leap

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