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It unites us.

his dream
to have choices.

Whether to work or laze.

Decide our futures
instead of waiting
for opportunity.

The universal
language of need
- not greed.

We’ve lost control!

Caught up in the flow
of magazine lifestyle.

The one we desire
and reality.

To walk through town
not asking the price...

Carrying the labels
which define our success.

Purchases we don’t need.

It’s universal
the conviction that money
will right all our wrongs
and make the world spin
in our direction.

When we buy a ticket
we’ve planted the seed.

The seed of our fantasies.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2000

(A poet writing for page and screen,
living on the Sunset Coast in Oz.)


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Winter Beach Walk, last July.
13th Jan 2007, 01:00   comments (8)

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The Rottnest ferry parked at Hillarys Boat Habour.
5th Jan 2007, 15:30   comments (0)

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Turning onto West Coast Drive from Fremantle on the
way to Hillarys Boat Harbour at sunset.
West Australia.
5th Jan 2007, 15:24   comments (0)

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We were having lunch at the restaurant on the beach on Rottnest Island - just off Perth beaches... West Australia.
The peacocks live on the island and make themselves at
5th Jan 2007, 15:15   comments (2)

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Busselton Beach Jetty - 1 mile long (Background)
South of Fremantle on the Sunset Coast
in Western Australia.
5th Jan 2007, 15:13   comments (1)

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Crossing Fremantle harbour on the traffic bridge at sunset.
Western Australia...
5th Jan 2007, 15:12   comments (0)

30 Years On...

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Love Gone

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