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Martha my dear

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And now, the end is nigh.

Our holiday ends tomorrow. We have had a lovely time, first in New York and then here in Rhode Island with the ever lovely Crickson and Spiderbaby.

But worry not my lovelies, when we get home I will find time to go through the bearly 2000 photos taken and share them ALL with you///
18th Sep 2009, 22:21   | tags:,comments (8)

Freakdog does Newport Cliff Top Walk - it was a long one

He did enjoy his day out. I wasn't keen on him driving us home though, he got road rage a couple of times!
17th Sep 2009, 14:26   | tags:,,comments (4)

Freakdog does Newport Cliff Top Walk

Freakdog decided to take us for a walk yesterday so we could get some good sea air in our lungs. He had a good time but he was a bit mischevious!

At one point we were sat on a bench with him between us when a beagle came up to look at him, the beagle was really scared and ran off dragging his owner with him!
17th Sep 2009, 13:13   | tags:,,comments (8)

Freakdog does Martha's Vineyard

We interupt this broadcast...... Not finished with the photos from New York yet. Freakdog has had a couple of outings recently (a gay dog??) which he would like to share with you.

This is his visit to Martha's Vineyard, an island just of the main land in Massachusetts.
17th Sep 2009, 00:16   comments (7)

NY Metropolitan Museum of Art

So after we finished looking at dinos etc, we got lost in Central Park on our way to the Met.

Whilst there I discovered that I really do like the French Impressionists. I already knew this, but it was good to have it confirmed.

When i get made redundant, I will use my payoff to buy a few of the original works..........

NY American Museum of Natural History

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No idea what this building is that we passed on our way to the museum, but I quite liked it. Most of the exhibits we in glass cages not moving, but one beastie was running around the floor.

Once again I was drawn to the window to look out at the view.
15th Sep 2009, 01:47   comments (3)

NY Central Park

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I don't know what I was expecting Central Park to be like, but this wasn't it! This was our first glimpse of. I am sure I will bore you with many more photos of it later when we get home.

And that is us on the open top tourist bus.
13th Sep 2009, 03:23   | tags:,comments (4)


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Although the exhibits in the Museum of Modern Art were wonderful, I kept being drawn to the windows to look out at the tall tall buildings of NY.