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The Celica has returned. The garage brought it back today newly valeted and
bump free. They also parked it neatly :)
So it's bye bye Nissan. Nice knowing ya!
Have also just found out that the driver of the Mercedes A class is pregnant!

The second pic is of Dave being utterly adorable last night :)
5th Sep 2005, 17:12   comments (0)

Sunshine Buddy

(viewed 808 times)
I have a new little friend :)
Thanks to Baj.
1st Sep 2005, 11:04   comments (3)

Parking Blog

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The Celica driver has taken her car to the garage to get the front wing
beaten out following her crash.
She is now driving the silver Nissan.
Her parking seems to have improved a little.
Just a little mind.
1st Sep 2005, 10:47   comments (6)


(viewed 810 times)
Stop press!
The Celica is parked within the confines of a parking space for the first time ever!
OMG! WTF! etcThis afternoon just after the rain had fallen and the sun had come back out, there was a fox sitting on the roof of the dance centre basking in the sun (directly behind the Celica).
Unfortunately my 8x zoom couldn't pick it up :(
He was a handsome fellow too.
25th Aug 2005, 17:19   comments (3)


(viewed 657 times)

Weather is terrible today. What a grey photo. Just about describes what kind of day i am having too.
Still, as promised, the temp workers have provided a new selection of cars for our pleasure today.
There's the black Alpha at the back and the Black Micra in the forground. Not sure who the silver Beamer belongs to though.
I've been too busy this week on my lunch hours to go out and photograph the dent and the tax disc on the Celica but will endeavour to do it next week.
19th Aug 2005, 15:03   comments (0)


(viewed 731 times)
Car park is a bit empty at the moment as everyone is on holiday. We have a couple of temp workers coming in which will add a bit of variety to the cars in the carpark.
It has been a year now since the Celicas Road Tax ran out, I must remember to have a look to see whether she is now displaying any current road tax or not. Once agin, you have to admire her for her beautiful parking.
18th Aug 2005, 17:04   comments (0)


(viewed 1665 times)
It's not possible to see from this picture and i will try and get a close up next week, but the Celica came in today with the driver side front wing panel dented.
No wonder she has been in a rotten mood today.
12th Aug 2005, 17:46   | tags:,,comments (1)


(viewed 1550 times)
I got into work early this morning and the blue Audi was parked in the Celicas spot. This is most unsual as the driver has to come a long way and usually arrives around 9. It transpired that the Audi was due in for a service, so, had gone by half past eight, (hence it's absence from the photo). The Celica arrived and was able to park as usual, none the wiser to the mornings activities.
11th Aug 2005, 16:38   | tags:,,comments (1)