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Parking Blog

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Board meeting today which means that our cars have been 'compounded' for the
I wouldn't mind but I tend to do my weekly shop on a Monday lunchtime.
4th Jul 2005, 15:16   comments (4)

Carbooty goodness

(viewed 830 times)
Went to a Car Boot again on Sunday and picked up this little beauty :)
It was only 50p with all the pieces included!
I *heart* KerPlunk!
4th Jul 2005, 10:48   comments (7)

Walk by the river

(viewed 682 times)
We went for a walk around Goring and Pangebourne on Sunday.
What a beautiful part of the country it is.
27th Jun 2005, 12:25   comments (0)

On the way home

(viewed 695 times)
I got the train home after my curry.
I'd had a few glasses of wine and the lights looked pretty :)
24th Jun 2005, 09:43   comments (0)

Last night curry

(viewed 749 times)
Went out with the girls last night for a curry.
I had Oro which is Aubergines cooked in cumin and tomato and some mushrrom
Eating curry always makes me really hungry the next day.
*tummy rumbles despite breakfast*
24th Jun 2005, 09:37   comments (0)

Signs of the summer

(viewed 748 times)
Everywhere i look, people are trying to let the outside inside.
23rd Jun 2005, 15:06   comments (2)

It's getting hot in here

(viewed 768 times)
I was all excited this morning as our HR person told me that if the
temperature of the office went above 32 degrees, we would legally be allowed
to go home.
Then she went away and had a look in her manual and returned to tell me that
there was no upper limit - just one for cold. Booo!
23rd Jun 2005, 11:50   comments (6)

Parking Blog

(viewed 671 times)
The Audi is really showing up the Celica today. Look at how far back it is
parked in comparison.
22nd Jun 2005, 16:01   comments (2)