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My new plant

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I am obsessed with plant buying at the moment, now that i have a garden to tend and fill.
My latest acquisition is an Echinacea or coneflower.
Unfortunately, Sunday was a grey day, so it wasn't a great day to take pictures.
Hence the silhouette.
2nd Aug 2005, 10:25   comments (1)

Loop, Croydon

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2nd Aug 2005, 10:25   comments (0)

Parking blog

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Someone made a complaint to me last night regarding the driver of the
Our office is on a one way street and apparently, every night, they had
noticed that the Celica driver comes out of the car park and turns left and
drives the wrong way down the one way street.
She seemingly does this to avoid queuing at the traffic lights at the other
end of the road and to get home quicker.This doesn't surprise me as she is a stickler for procedure and doing things
the 'right way'.
She regularly 'grasses' on my coworkers to the directors here, if they are
so much as a minute late in the mornings.
It stands to reason that someone like this feels exempt from all the rules
and regulations she insists everyone else adheres to.
27th Jul 2005, 16:59   comments (3)

Note from Celica driver

(viewed 686 times)
Because we all share the same car park at work, i figured earlier that it
was a 'off' that the driver of the Celica wouldn't speak to the driver of
the Laguna about 'parking too near' to her car.
So, as i know the Laguna driver quite well, i thought i would go and speak
with him myself and take the note off his car.
I removed the note (see pic), and was about to go and speak with the driver
of the Laguna when to my horror, i noticed that another note had been stuck
on his window saying the same thing!SHE NEVER LET'S UP THAT WOMAN!
26th Jul 2005, 17:25   comments (1)

Parking Blog

(viewed 668 times)
Driver of the Celica has put a Post It on the window of the Laguna Estate
today requesting that 'he doesn't park so near her car'.
Maybe she suffers from Claustrophobia - it would explain her reason for
parking the way she does.
26th Jul 2005, 10:50   comments (5)

When cars attack

(viewed 721 times)
It wasn't appropriate to post these yesterday, what with everything that was
going on in London.
However, this happened yesterday too.
Someone pranged my car whilst it was parked in the work car park and didn't
leave a note.
I know that i am far better off than alot of people in this city today and
should count my blessings but i am absolutely livid.:(
8th Jul 2005, 09:35   comments (2)

Parking blog for 07-07-05

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I had to take a picture of the car park yesterday really early on it the day
just to prove to you how the driver of the red Celica parks despite there
being no competition for space. :)
8th Jul 2005, 09:35   comments (2)

Parking Blog

(viewed 629 times)
The white car was first in today. Nice and square in the space.
Red car arrives and parks like that...again.
How does she do it?
6th Jul 2005, 17:25   comments (0)