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On-the-move updates from the E3 '09 show floor.

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Father of... Spiderman!

Activision really pushed the boat out with their E3 stand this year. Live sets from DJ Shadow (I went to two of them, it was that good), DJ Hero demo'd on a screen that would put a cinema to shame and some old, white haired man signing posters for a queue that stretched all the way across the hall. “Who's Granddad is that?” I asked one of the the watchers. He looked at me like I'd just spat in his face. “That's Stan Lee” he said. Oops.
4th Jun 2009, 07:01   comments (0)

Clever Promo or Genuine Fundamentalists?

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E3 Attendees were greeted by this outside the LA center this morning. Was is a PR stunt? Could they be for real? No one knows (except them, of course)
4th Jun 2009, 07:00   comments (0)

Steve Wiebe

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Walking through the crowded far end of the South Hall, I saw a familiar face in the crowd – Steve Wiebe. For those of you that've never watched The King of Kong (and you should, it's brilliant), Wiebe is the school-teacher turned arcade champ who runs up against unscrupulous hot-sauce mogul Billy Mitchell – or at least that's how the film presents it, the truth is a bit less clear cut. All that is forgotten today however, as Wiebe sits down at a classic Donkey Kong cabinet surrounded by cheering fans and TV cameras. Will he succeed in smashing the world record? Will Mitchell finally be defeated? What really happened on the grassy knoll? Find out here later – much later in fact because a Donkey Kong record attempt can take as much as five hours of solid play. That's dedication, yo.
4th Jun 2009, 06:50   comments (0)


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The secret Guitar Hero 5 demo room
4th Jun 2009, 06:48   comments (0)

Lost Planet 2 Gameplay

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Gameplay from Capcom's upcoming Lost Planet 2. Some massive Lizard thing, we failed to make even the smallest dent in it
4th Jun 2009, 06:25   comments (0)

The Legendary Stan Lee

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Comic Book legend Stan Lee in the Activision booth at E3 '09
4th Jun 2009, 06:17   comments (0)

Forza 3 Launch - Murcielago

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Probably the nicest car I've ever seen, a matte black Lamborghini Murcielago. Love at first sight!
3rd Jun 2009, 19:47   comments (0)
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