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On-the-move updates from the E3 '09 show floor.

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Shooters, yo

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I'm having difficulty processing the sheer quantity of information that came out of E3. In my head I've divided it into game genres on order to get some perspective on the games I've seen, adn one genre in particularly is standing out - shooters. Bad Company 2, Halo ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, and Modern Warfare 2 are the most standout games of the conference, and they're all FPS. Which is great, because I love FPS, love love love them. The variety between these games is so huge that it's impossible to say which is 'best', suffice to say that all of them are must-buys; a significant dent in the Christmas budget but every penny well spent
5th Jun 2009, 14:57   comments (1)

Bad Company Booth

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It look literally the entire trip to find the Bad Company Booth. I knew it had to be there somewhere but I'd covered the EA booth seven or eight times... nothing. Then, finally, I found a tiny doorway in the corner, hidden behind row after row of boring, bland Madden and Wii fitness rubbish. The wait was long, but it was so worth it - we beat a team from DICE at gold rush, BFBC's proprietary mode. The game is excellent, a massive improvement from the already decent first one - definitely one to watch.
5th Jun 2009, 14:36   comments (0)

Facebook on Xbox

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It's a little difficult to see what's going on here, but it's Facebook... on Xbox! Slick UI as well
5th Jun 2009, 14:32   comments (0)

Shadow Complex Gameplay

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Epic Game's new title - does this remind anyone else of Flashback? Looks hot for a Downloadable title though.
5th Jun 2009, 14:21   comments (0)

Left for Dead 2 Gameplay

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I desperately wanted to play this, but with only 4 pods in the entire venue the queues were just too punishing. Looks great though.
5th Jun 2009, 14:14   comments (0)

Mini Ninjas

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If I had to give an example of something that surprised me this E3, it would definitely be Mini Ninjas. Going into the Eidos booth I had little hope for the game; the art style was attractive and original and but other than that it looked all too generic and boring – hardly something worth writing home about.

How wrong can you be? Mini Ninjas is nothing short of amazing, and when I say amazing I mean buy-it-at-launch, soon-to-be-cult-classic amazing. “I thought this was going to be rubbish” I said to the Io Entertainment dev, “but it's actually really good!” He managed to muster a sickly half-smile. No prizes for diplomacy there, but a perfect description of my reaction to the game - imagine Castle Crashers, but the length of a full game (12 to 15 hours, not including the huge number of collectables or the high replayability) and an order of magnitude more polished. Now mix in a generous portion of slapstick humour, large open levels that allow for a variety of tactics and routes, some solid combat that measures up to even the most hardcore action-adventure titles, deep RPG elements that make the game far more engaging and replayable than it has any right to be, and an epic dose of newborn kitten standard cuteness, and you've got something approaching Mini Ninjas. I completed the demo they had running; it took me over an hour of precious E3 time but I don't regret a single minute – and I'll probably be in there again tomorrow. Buy this game – otherwise tiny Ninjas will come to your house and kill you in deadly but incredibly sweet ways. Seriously though, buy it.
4th Jun 2009, 08:08   comments (0)

Dj Vs. Guitar - DJ Hero

(viewed 1249 times)
Crazy video that shows the new DJ vs. guitar mode
4th Jun 2009, 08:01   comments (0)

Halo ODST Opening!

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Stolen footage shot through a gap in my jumper - the opening sequence of ODST. If I dissapear, you know why.
4th Jun 2009, 07:41   comments (1)
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