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I'm a student at the University of Arizona. I spend my time trying to get as much sleep as possible, walking up and down many flights of stairs, and avoding derranged bycyclists. Back home, I live outside the Phoenix area on 5 acres of land in a rural area with dirt roads, wells, and horses.

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New glasses.

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They're pretty cool looking; they have no sides. It's a horrible, horrible
picture of me though.
19th Mar 2008, 00:14   comments (0)

Lead singer of Travis :)

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1st Dec 2007, 05:23   | tags:,comments (8)

6 1/2 MPH?

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13th Aug 2007, 08:32   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Monsoon storm at dusk.

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And a coyote...

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7th Aug 2007, 10:02   comments (0)

Another pond picture. It's a red-tailed hawk. I mirrored the original picture.

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7th Aug 2007, 09:41   | tags:,,,,,comments (1)

Odd snow formation on a car and snow on a street sign.

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Odd sights. Palm trees and cactus with now.

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