El Rumbo Perdido

by Desaparecido

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Me dicen el desaparecido
Que cuando llega ya sea ido
Volando vengo Volando voy
deprisa deprisa a rumbo perdido

-Manu Chao

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Victoria Bay

(viewed 598 times)
A little right point break hidden in a small nook of land just East of
George. The wave is fun but over semi sharp rock and at low tide you
may find yourself rolling on them.
Good luck finding it on Google Earth.
9th Mar 2008, 09:28   comments (0)

Into the Night

(viewed 595 times)
A bit of fire in the sky before the South African Springbok Dance
1 Springbok = peppermint under amarula cream
9th Mar 2008, 09:22   comments (0)


(viewed 575 times)
Sundown at Island Vibe
9th Mar 2008, 09:09   comments (0)

Welcome to Africa

(viewed 612 times)
Sophisticated Travelers
9th Mar 2008, 09:00   comments (0)

On My Way

(viewed 450 times)
A coffee and a croissant. That's all I need, something to wake me up
and a bit of sustenance to go with it? Duty free, duty free,
electronics, etc. places to waste my time and money. I go to the bar
in the center of the terminal's atrium. Empty and waning warsteiners
are scattered about, hushed German from curled lips is passed around
on my left and right. No Smoking.
I sit down and give my order to the barman. My phone rings, it's my
brother with the lodging details for when I arrive in Kaapstad. Ten
minutes from the beach, sounds great, only twenty something quid per
night?each. Fuck. I try to explain that twenty something quid is fifty
something dollars, which should, Should, get me at least three nights
somewhere else. We argue, I give up, my coffee has arrived.
I sip.
The man next to me orders a beer, then no, a beer and a rum and coke.
He's American. He's a bit squat but possibly not terribly short.
"The states?" I say.
"Yeah." He gives me a weak smile and not much more.
I take a bite of my croissant, a sip of coffee. "You on a layover?"
"Yeah? in no smoking Frankfurt." A chuckle this time. He readjusts
his colorful cashmere scarf, smiling a bit, and looks over his
shoulder. From his profile I notice the designer frames against his
blue eyes and cropped blonde hair. He orders another rum and coke. I
am waiting for him to pick up the conversation. He settles into his
stool, cuts a piece from his hotdog and eats it. He chews anxiously
and with out satisfaction, like he's eating just for something to do.
He still hasn't touched his beer.
I look at the empty rum and coke, then at the one he begins to drain
as soon as the bartender hands it to him. What time is it? My phone
says 7:35 am. No, more like 12:35 here. I couldn't drink like that.
The bartender shows up with checks. When the man takes his he asks
what the fine is for smoking in the bathroom.
"Bathrooms are right ova dea, behind the Christmas trees." The barman
motions toward the trees then begins to walk away. The man calls him
"Actually, could I have a whiskey coke?"
"You want another?" pointing at the empty glass.
"No, a whiskey coke."
"Ohh. Jim Beam?"
I finish my croissant and put my credit card on the check. When the
bartender returns with the drink the man asks about smoking in the
bathroom again.
"Ehh? I dunno." The barman offers a conspiratory shrug with palms out
then goes back to his business.
The man looks at me, smiling he's a bit edgy, uncomfortable, nicotine
withdrawal? And visibly trying to cover it. "Yeah, I mean if the fine
is a hundred Euro I don't wanna have a hundred Euro cigarette, know
what I mean?"
No, "yea," I say with the tell-me-about-it look. I look into my cheap
coffee, It is time for me not to be here anymore.
9th Mar 2008, 08:48   comments (0)
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