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Until recently I was a mad nintendo collector but have now decided to sell off my collection and concentrate on the other loves of my life Doctor Who, Harry potter, films, books, james bond and action man

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Things that made me smile today

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Winning the flower fest in Animal Crossing ( I know that makes me sad but I am comfortable with who I am). And seeing a picture of possibly the worst Uncle Albert Impersonator ever who is appearing att a local club over easter (I wont be gonig although drinks are only 1.80 all night)---------------------------------
10th Apr 2006, 18:20   comments (4)

Another day

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Pictues of me today when I have decided to loose weight seriously, I need to quite badly now, and the lovley quiet park I spend my lunchtiimes in---------------------------------
7th Apr 2006, 19:10   comments (2)

My working enviroment

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The machine I use to mix paint on nearly every day and one view of the shop I work in. It isn't as bad as it looks, making paint is quite fun at least you can hear the radio whilst you do it---------------------------------
5th Apr 2006, 19:15   comments (5)

Pats Girl 'Nic'

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Self explanatory really,. She never shuts up, you just can't get a word in edgeways-------------------------------
4th Apr 2006, 17:53   comments (0)

My brother in law (strange fellow)

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His name is Pat and although I very rarely understand him I think he i cool
4th Apr 2006, 17:51   comments (0)

Lord Tiny

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My wifes rabbit Tiny very regal and he knows it---------------------------------
4th Apr 2006, 17:49   comments (2)

Beautiful Bubble

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My lovely guinea pig, she is a lettuce addict---------------------------------
4th Apr 2006, 17:48   comments (0)

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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Hurts like hell and stops me playing games as much as I would like to, it both sucks and blows plus I am at least 18 months away from having an operation---------------------------------
4th Apr 2006, 15:20   comments (2)