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Until recently I was a mad nintendo collector but have now decided to sell off my collection and concentrate on the other loves of my life Doctor Who, Harry potter, films, books, james bond and action man

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Harry Potter 6

(viewed 613 times)
I just finished this for the 4th time and still can't get my head round it. Dumbledore dead! Snape working for Voldemort! Never it is all some part of Dumbledore master plan to getVoldemort mark my words Dumbledore will be back in book 7 I am sure---------------------------------
13th Apr 2006, 18:01   comments (10)

Up Pompei

(viewed 734 times)
Starring Frankie Howard, I love a bit of innuendo laden 70's tv-film goodness--------------------------------
13th Apr 2006, 18:00   comments (0)

My proof of my geekiness

(viewed 574 times)
My remote controlled dalek and season one of the best tv show ever, it pushed out babylon 5,
It is easter yippee 4 days off work and lots of chocolate(as long as no one notices and reminds me that I am supposd to be losing weight)
13th Apr 2006, 15:22   comments (3)

Red and yellow and pink and green

(viewed 575 times)
I have probably mixed all these colours( and about a thousand other ones) over the years.
13th Apr 2006, 14:56   comments (2)

A real Manky Microwave

(viewed 710 times)
This is the microwave in our works canteen, it is about 10 years old and I don't think it has ever been cleaned, is it any wonder I take sarnies and sit in the park.---------------------------------
13th Apr 2006, 14:55   comments (3)

More gaming goodness

(viewed 503 times)
My new gameboy micro. It is tiny just right to take to work for when I get two mins---------------------------------
13th Apr 2006, 14:53   comments (2)

Where's my bloody carrot gone

(viewed 518 times)
He has got the right hump because i have hidden his carrot. I'm not being cruel it does him good to hunt around for it. Big clue. It's under the straw.---------------------------------
12th Apr 2006, 18:43   comments (6)

A couple of book recomendations

(viewed 489 times)
Been reading these last couple of days, been a while since I last read V for vendetta I had forgotten how good it was, Watchmen didn't dissapoint either. Can't wait to see the V film now
11th Apr 2006, 19:36   comments (2)