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Canterbury Cathedral

(viewed 746 times)
Took some family around the sights of Canterbury, not sure if they liked the fudge kitchen or Cathedral more....
15th Feb 2006, 15:37   comments (2)

Foot path

(viewed 746 times)

A slightly more interesting foot path :)
11th Feb 2006, 13:12   comments (3)

What a view!

(viewed 712 times)
Imagine having that in your back garden?
11th Feb 2006, 13:12   comments (4)

*Drum roll please*

(viewed 823 times)
I can tell it kept you up all night last night...

It was a nurses hat!! I was so stunned at my artistic ability! I normally can only make a mess!

(Its for the doctors and nurses night later this month. This is for my housemate as im going to be a doctor)
10th Feb 2006, 13:52   comments (2)

What do these ingredients make??

(viewed 679 times)
Some sellotape, some cotton fabric, some super glue and some red ribbon and some cardboard....what does it make???

Answers below, winner wins....ermmm...nothing!

Come on guys a bit of group participation please!!!!!!!!
9th Feb 2006, 15:38   comments (4)

Big Brother is watching you...

(viewed 825 times)
7th Feb 2006, 17:08   comments (13)

The wonky house!

(viewed 2251 times)
Out and about in Canterbury today and came across this little gem!
7th Feb 2006, 16:59   comments (6)

Failing makes you fat!

(viewed 715 times)
Had a very hard test today and know ive failed it. I got a spoon and my huge jar of chocolate spread and this is the result!! (To be fair, there was hardly any left!)
6th Feb 2006, 11:50   comments (7)