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Who: DarkCryst... the man, the legend, the hazard.
What: English, 6'3" tall, broad. Needs to lose the belly.
Where: Essex, England. For the most part anyway.

So now you know a tiny ammount about me. Check my profile for more interesting information. Glad to have you around, pull up a chair and stay a while.

All of the photos here (from November 2004 onwards anyhow) are taken with my s700i:
a SonyEricsson s700i
Before that it was from a z600.. but that got stolen.. the bastards.
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Le Cirque

(viewed 1874 times)
The aniticipation is palpable in the audience as we wait for the Cirque
du Soleil at the Albert Hall.

Man that was a great show.
2nd Apr 2005, 16:52   comments (3)

Street Monsters

(viewed 1479 times)
Graffiti spotted in outside Chelmsford town center.

Proper graffiti, none of this tagging crap, and much more creative than stencils. Whatever the hell that pink thing is I don't know... and I don't want to. Imagine meeting that in a dark alley...
17th Feb 2005, 17:57   comments (2)

I Miss You

(viewed 1543 times)
The last of the pictures from my time in Oakland CA that I think I will
post, you never know tho. Its a while after the fact now, but I thought
I'd post something more to finish this up.

I miss this sexy bundle pictured here very very much.

I can't wait till May....
15th Feb 2005, 20:24   comments (0)

Feed Me!

(viewed 1351 times)
This is what happens when you leave my girlfriend (the beautiful and talented Miriam) alone.. or wait, in fact with company too... with crayons and a paper table cloth.

Yes, I do love that about her :)
2nd Jan 2005, 08:04   comments (1)

Gateway to The Bay

(viewed 1320 times)
Fort Miley, San Fransico, CA.

Taken when there was better weather (its wet and rainy atm), this is one of the best places to view this side of the bay.
2nd Jan 2005, 07:57   comments (0)


(viewed 1576 times)
Happy New Year 2005, from myself and Miriam...

I hope its a good one, its been the first new year I've had at moblogUK, and the start of a long beautiful friendship with this community.

Its been the year I met Miriam, and for that... I am eternally thankful.

Enjoy your night, survive your morning.

Here's to a great year.
1st Jan 2005, 08:44   comments (3)

8000 Miles to nowhere...

(viewed 1266 times)
Monterey, California.

Out there is the big wide nothing that is the Pacific Ocean. Its big, its wet.. its beautiful.

This storm front was the day after the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, we were on an earthquake warning ourselves (and on sand? that would not have been fun).

Its incredible scenery here.
1st Jan 2005, 03:21   comments (0)

Bask in My Glory!

(viewed 1284 times)
Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar Collection, Napa Valley, California.

Most of these are from Godfather 1 + 2, one is from Patton. Its wierd.. he has this little mini shrine to himself along with some other stuff from his movies. Some cool stuff... but still. Little wierd.
1st Jan 2005, 02:51   comments (0)
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