A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend

by CrinkleCut

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Company car park

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Got into work this morning, and what did I see? One of the senior members
of staff has obviously got themselves a new company car! ;-)
14th Jun 2006, 17:41   comments (8)

Big angry cock!

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There's really only way to get a peacock to let you take a closeup, and
that's to feed it chocolate hob-nobs. I'm sure it's not what they'd be
eating in the wild, but hey...
13th Jun 2006, 19:03   comments (2)

After all that sun...

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... it rained quite spectacularly last night. Thought the castle was going
to wash away!
13th Jun 2006, 18:59   comments (2)

If in doubt...

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Blog the dog...Missy is actually in a bit of a pissy mood today, as we've not been able
to spend much time outdoors. I'll have to take her out shortly for a walk,
although it's been threatening to rain again...
13th Jun 2006, 18:58   comments (3)

Missy Mu

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It's come to my attention that it's obligatory for everyone to post
pictures of their pets, and who am I to break with convention? After
posing obligingly for this shot, Missy sneezed loudly and I discovered
that she suffers from hay fever...
11th Jun 2006, 00:06   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Another weekend wasted...

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Well, we tried really hard to get out of bed at a reasonable time, and
technically speaking, we were up at 9-ish, which is pretty good for us...
However, we were scuppered in our plans for a full and productive day by
hot weather, a new parasol for the garden, some sunshine (finally!) and
the ingredients for 2 jugs of Sangria... C'est la vie...