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I am a Fish&Chips addict.
When I shoot, nobody dies.
I know you love me.
I love me too.

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Leaving for Salt Lake City

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in punk mode
22nd Jul 2013, 09:52   comments (1)

White Dinner 2013, at Le Louvre

We had everything: 3 chefs, 1 mixologist, a musician and a nice bunch of friends !
18th Jun 2013, 09:07   comments (2)


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Lot of tears yesterday
I am feeling so sad

29th May 2013, 14:12   comments (0)

Eliott, my good friend :)

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And I will GET LUCKY at the Diner en Blanc, with his father ;)

Ben told me something: "If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary".
He is right.

Check this out !
27th May 2013, 05:27   comments (1)

Amsterdam Bengals

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26th May 2013, 14:32   comments (1)

Eliott baked a cake for me

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Ok, j'ai cassé et battu les oeufs pour lui.
J'ai fait le caramel.
Mais c'est mignon ;)
25th May 2013, 15:36   comments (0)

Since 8am

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I have been playing Call of Duty 3 on X-box, Lego, Nerf guns and BeyBlade... with my 2 favourite bengals around.
Thank you Eliott for that nice non-sleepy saturday morning in Amsterdam...
Of course, Mum & Dad slept until 11am meanwhile...

Damn, that's so good to be a kid !
25th May 2013, 10:12   comments (0)

Not Anymore

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24th May 2013, 10:55   comments (0)