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Unhappy nails

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I really wanted a darker shade of pink. The shade she used is so pale it matches my skin tone and is barely visible. I wanted pink, dammit!!
29th Mar 2005, 06:56   comments (5)

Tonight's dinner

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Tofu, cucumber, mushrooms and water chestnuts in thai peanut sauce served over whole wheat pasta.
29th Mar 2005, 02:58   comments (0)

Dog demands equal moblog time

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28th Mar 2005, 07:28   comments (1)


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28th Mar 2005, 07:25   comments (1)

Oliver Poppett

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27th Mar 2005, 20:01   comments (0)

Visit from the Easter Kitty

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This was sitting on my desk when I came home from work courtesy of my silly mother. Never mind that we're Jewish/pagan. We'll celebrate any holiday in our house, especially if Hello Kitty is involved. =^..^=
27th Mar 2005, 06:01   comments (0)

Mutant Kitty in his entirety

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25th Mar 2005, 03:19   comments (0)

Mutant kitty paw

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This is one of Rajah's front paws. He has nine toes on the front paws and seven toes on the back paws. His brother Angelus (see previous posting) has extra toes only on his front paws.
23rd Mar 2005, 22:11   comments (9)