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Do you see it, too?

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There's something strangely anthropomorphic about these chairs - like they're asking me for help or preparing for an attack. Got to hand it to them Lithuanian carpenters to really bring the creep out of a piece of wood.
4th Dec 2008, 21:10   comments (1)

early start

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E took this one for me as my hands were full of steering wheel.
4th Dec 2008, 21:07   comments (0)

sad breakfast

(viewed 366 times)
4th Dec 2008, 21:03   comments (0)

Some days you get lucky

(viewed 379 times)
24th Nov 2008, 20:08   comments (2)

Won't somebody sit on me...

(viewed 339 times)
...I'm so lonely...
24th Nov 2008, 20:07   comments (2)

For some, halloween never ends - it just gets smellier.

(viewed 289 times)
24th Nov 2008, 20:02   comments (0)

Good Boy!

(viewed 340 times)
M cleans his plate
24th Nov 2008, 20:00   comments (0)


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And that's only the half of it.

(Not MINE. They belong to a friend. Yah...)
19th Nov 2008, 21:51   comments (0)