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Juan is a tour guide and spin instructor. Originally from Colombia he spent 30 years in Florida, US with his wife and had children there. Things are so much safer ("cleaner" they say) nowadays that they decided to return three years ago. He says the lifestyle is better. Says he now works to live instead of lives to work. He is also happier for his children and pleased that he can be near his parents.

My Spanish wasn't up to describing the 100 Strangers project properly so I settled for asking him if I could take his portrait for an internet project.

1st Aug 2008, 06:17   comments (1)


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Louise has been cutting hair for 5 years, has just had laser eye surgery and while she found the whole phonecam/portrait thing quite amusing she said she didn't mind having her photo taken (and on the internet) so long as the photo is nice and the project's OK.

(I told her about 100 Portraits and my own variation and she says it's cool)

She works at Zoology

oh yes, and in this shot she's doing my hair
25th Jul 2008, 21:04   comments (3)

Littlest 540

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because she won't keep still and is wonderfully photogenic

Jo, Samantha and Elisabeth

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I deliberately didn't bring my D80 to the coffee shop as I wanted to concentrate on my work. Also camera plus laptop plus reference books is heavy. On the way the sun was out and it was wonderfully warm, and people were enjoying the sun around the tables outside. Then it suddenly started to rain. The rain turned to hail. These three were too good an opportunity to miss so I waved through the wet window and asked them with gestures if they minded my taking their photo. They all grinned and waved. When they came in we had a chat and I got their names, told them about the project and bluetoothed the image to Elisabeth's phone. They're lovely, friendly, cheerful ladies.

Here they are.
3rd Jul 2008, 20:28   comments (1)


Natalie did my eyebrows for the first time the other day. I explained the project and asked her if she minded me taking her portrait. She said she didn't mind at all.. Apparently she puts all kinds of photos on her facebook pages. Even the uncomplimentary ones if they're a laugh.

The eyebrow shaping process took longer than usual - probably due to the fact my photography slowed everything down. It turns out that this enterprising woman is putting herself through law school on the money she earns. She's intelligent, well sorted and plans to take a year out when she has done her degree. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time. She's not the kind of person I can imagine doing anything else!

23rd Jun 2008, 16:50   comments (5)


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I saw him talking to some people at Starbucks in Borders. Very photogenic, with an open, friendly face, he was leaning forward, intent on his conversation, his hat left casually on the table, slightly covering a magazine. His dark skin and dapper suit presented the kind of contrast in light and shade on which I know I need to work.

When I explained about the project his answer was "Now that's a great chat-up line, asking people if you can take their photos!".

I took the photo, showed it to him and the people he was with and we chatted for a while. It turns out he's a professional magician, articulate, confident and friendly too and his sites are here and here.

One of the people who was with him turns out to have danced in the Peacock Theatre and Edinburgh fringe - maybe we'll meet or talk again.
22nd Jun 2008, 21:00   | tags:,comments (7)

greater known tango editor

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in his natural habitat
(or at least one of them)


18th Jun 2008, 13:59   comments (6)

- People will start asking for my autograph...

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... just so long as it's not on a cheque!

Colin has had three (possibly four) heart attacks but still walks to the coffee shop and drinks cappuccino with chocolate on the top. He'll soon be 60, has a wife, several daughters and an inexhaustible supply of local horror stories and politically incorrect jokes.

(I did take candid-looking shots of Colin but don't like them. He's not a stranger and knows me well enough to anticipate and joke around when I'm taking a photo. Given the opportunity I'll try again another time)
13th Jun 2008, 18:03   comments (0)
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