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Walk or ride a bike. Don't use cars unless you really need to.

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Its prickly nice in the garden today

(viewed 1558 times)
1st Jul 2011, 16:04   comments (5)

Fairweather Cyclist

(viewed 1813 times)
He's back. Hope he hangs around a bit more this year.
18th Mar 2009, 17:39   comments (5)

XXX from Gower

(viewed 1665 times)
bloomin' gorse!
17th Mar 2009, 15:30   comments (1)


(viewed 4805 times)
Oh go on. Just one more bagel. Pretty please!
30th Jan 2009, 21:39   comments (3)


(viewed 1647 times)
We know you've been to the shop.
30th Jan 2009, 21:34   comments (0)


(viewed 1709 times)
Stay in the road. He's not getting past until we get something.
30th Jan 2009, 21:29   comments (0)

The sun is out!

(viewed 1755 times)
31st May 2008, 09:28   comments (2)


(viewed 2692 times)
Saved from a virus-crippled K800. I think I'll get my mallet. (No! For the phone not for the bedbug!)

BLACKIE 22July1992 to 02July2013. A great cat and a much loved little pal.
3rd Nov 2007, 14:21   | tags:,,,comments (5)
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