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For the next 12 months I'm having a working adventure holiday in Broome, Western Australia...

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Town Beach

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It's 37C, scorching hot. Blue Skies, red earth, warm water and a small breeze. Broome is beautiful. Everyone fishes. The kids swim. It's hot. But Broome is beautiful in the languid heat.

Town Beach is a 1 minute drive from where I now live. Certainly beats the 2 hr drive to the nearest beach when I was in Sydney!

Week two in Broome

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Have survived two weeks in Broome and still love it here. Finally got power connected- only took 5 days! Horizon Power are a joke! Customer Service- what customer service? There is none!

Was 40C today- a bit hot! Off to Fitzroy Crossing in a week to see how training is going out there with the Remote Area Essential Services blokes. Another few weeks and I should be able to run a remote area power and water station ;-)
Willare Roadhouse is the centre of my traveeling universe. As soon as I see it I know there's only an hour or so till I'm home. It's a bit rough but then you should see the remote communities and you wouldn't complain.

Laugh of the week... you know you're in bloke territory when the local windscreen repairers jingle on the radio is 'show us your crack'.. (ie your broken windscreen). LOL!!!!

From Jarlmadangah Burru community

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This is at the back of the Jarlmadangah Burru community (near Derby in WA) I visited yesterday to see how they deliver training to the power and water guys. Fascinating stuff. Interesting community! Almost ran out of petrol on the way back and had to turn around and zip back to Willare Roadhouse to fill up- added an extra hour to the day but better than being stranded eh!

Note: Spelling is a bit of a challenge.I think I have seen three different spellings for this place (not unusual with Aboriginal place names). I have fixed the spelling of the community and Willare. I will get them right eventually!
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