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"Sixty-two, avian flu… number sixty-two.

Two bloody stumps, number eleven.

The age I lost my virginity…Forty-three, number forty-three.

Shish bang boom, bally bally boo boo… Number twenty-eight.

Good people are dicks, number forty-six.

Fee fi foo, number thirty-two.

Mmmmmmmmmm…. Number eighty-four.

Howdy-doody bouncing clown, number seventy-five."

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Girls are SO messy

(viewed 578 times)

Girls are gross. Living like pack rats some of them... honestly :-)
3rd Jan 2007, 09:12   comments (0)

Walter Sobchak on the 344 bus?

(viewed 580 times)
He just needs the dark glasses and Uzi..
3rd Jan 2007, 09:11   comments (1)

Thai curry- the best lunch?

(viewed 562 times)
3rd Jan 2007, 09:10   comments (2)

A selection of Seb

3rd Jan 2007, 09:08   comments (2)


(viewed 543 times)
3rd Jan 2007, 09:01   comments (1)

Chess & Guinness

(viewed 538 times)
3rd Jan 2007, 09:00   comments (1)

my desk. oh the fun.

(viewed 470 times)
27th Dec 2006, 13:35   comments (2)

Seb bein' cute

(viewed 406 times)
27th Dec 2006, 13:34   comments (0)