Its not my fault you forgot your trunks...

by BenosTaylorian

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Is this gap still here or do these words fill it? If I write more words will it fill the gap or mearly push the gap further down?

Oh its worked. Below are things I like...

Devon.....The birth place of culture

The Hermanator

The SG

The Doctor


The Vedder

The Russki

The Nuts...

The Pool

The Stilton

The D

The Ex (eter)

The Buckley

The Mcguigan

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Research wins!!!!

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- Probably not hugely interesting for everyone (anyone) but a triumph for me. Posted a photo of this gate in Bristol a while back and originally thought that it
was part of the old city wall. In fact it is the old gate to the 'New Gaol'
built in 1819 where public hangings used to take place. The second picture
is of the 1831 Bristol riots at the gate. Ahhhh History.
5th Jun 2007, 12:53   comments (1)

Hmmmmm reds and blues...

31st May 2007, 11:09   comments (3)

Soulwax Nite Versions

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- The end of this clip nearly made me fall over with pleasure, hence why the filming ends
30th May 2007, 15:44   comments (5)

Nite Versions

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- Went to see Soulwax Nite Versions of Friday night. Serious fun was had
29th May 2007, 16:11   comments (3)

I hate going in goal....

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28th May 2007, 22:11   comments (2)

Those were the days.....

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24th May 2007, 13:40   comments (6)

Cartoon Band

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18th May 2007, 15:47   comments (1)

Cartoon city

18th May 2007, 11:29   comments (0)