Its not my fault you forgot your trunks...

by BenosTaylorian

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Is this gap still here or do these words fill it? If I write more words will it fill the gap or mearly push the gap further down?

Oh its worked. Below are things I like...

Devon.....The birth place of culture

The Hermanator

The SG

The Doctor


The Vedder

The Russki

The Nuts...

The Pool

The Stilton

The D

The Ex (eter)

The Buckley

The Mcguigan

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Things I saw

- Nice Graf of Sant's coming out of factory chimneys

- Lots of steps to level 10

- Didn't get this napkin, thought it might be boobytrapped with hot sauce or something

- Up!

- Down!

- Cheltenham Road
23rd Dec 2006, 17:23   | tags:comments (2)

Office Christmas party

- MonkeyFinger looking mean. Don't know what I'd said to him

- Meta Blogging with MonkeyFinger

- Wilson

- Tube wall....oh and MF (Taken by MF)

- Jon

- Pete and Izzy (somewhere)
23rd Dec 2006, 17:02   | tags:,comments (1)

Colder than a monkeys uncle...

(viewed 1579 times)
- Our train station is better than yours (probably)

- 2/3 Portand square fog
23rd Dec 2006, 16:57   | tags:,,comments (2)


(viewed 825 times)
- Speakers
20th Dec 2006, 18:14   | tags:,comments (0)

If God played the guitar

(viewed 1269 times)
- Ooooo SG Beauty
20th Dec 2006, 17:55   | tags:,,comments (3)

Plastic Nostalgia Bubbles

(viewed 782 times)
- Does anyone remember this stuff from way back when?

- You can make plastic bubbles that don't pop, unless you savage them. Amazing stuff!!!

- Thank you to Ness
20th Dec 2006, 16:42   | tags:comments (10)

City jumble

(viewed 1247 times)
- Magic phone light jumbly jumble
20th Dec 2006, 15:41   | tags:,comments (1)

Four yous

(viewed 1216 times)
- Macdonalds have gone too far

- Shoe shop

- Tis me innit

- I want Nasa badges for Crimbo
20th Dec 2006, 14:17   | tags:comments (6)