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So, can I go this way or what?

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Confusing sign at Eccup reservoir, Leeds
30th Jan 2006, 15:00   comments (0)

Dave helps with house packing

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Yup, those front paws are waving in the air
6th Nov 2005, 20:28   comments (1)

Made another one :)

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A Houndeye this time, from HalfLife 1I couldnt find any material that resembled the purple and black compound
eye of the original so I have used a black silky fabric with an overly
of some sheer cloth with a blue/purple sheen.
Looks better in real life than the photos.
31st Oct 2005, 17:06   comments (16)

Look what I made

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And I am quite chuffed as it is my first real forray into making a
stuffed animal or plush or whatever you wanna call it.

I should also give out 'props' to my better half for much sewing help.
Next time I will use a machine and it may take less than three days.

PS. It is a headcrab from HalfLife in case any of you are wondering.

PPS sorry for the quality of the pics, the phone goes grainy when the scene isnt floodlit
10th Oct 2005, 19:54   comments (8)


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My other half likes this now unused carpark as it reminds her of
something from Lord of the Rings (imagery slightly spoilt by the 60s
streetlight and the cherrypicker).

It gives me the willies.
3rd Oct 2005, 19:06   comments (0)

Aircraft carrier runway

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Just kidding. More from the old 3M building.
3rd Oct 2005, 18:57   comments (0)

Old 3M building. Bracknell, Berkshire.

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This building has always been a little offensive on the eyes. Since it has been empty for the last few years it has got no better!
Now a playground for the local unsociables despite valiant attempts to
block the entrance with grates, breezeblocks, metal plates etc.

Note the wobbly deformations caused by a camera lens that probably isnt
as good as it pretends to be.
3rd Oct 2005, 18:55   comments (0)

Where to sleep?

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Lovely sunny warm window sil? Nope
Fluffy hanging radiator bed? No
Firm yet comfy chair cushion? Nah
Plant pot? Yeah, why not?
30th Sep 2005, 16:11   | tags:,comments (3)
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