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Lady boys

(viewed 2115 times)
Scott and Jussi looking rather hot dancing at JoeT's birthday last week in The Lounge, Brixton.
6th Dec 2005, 13:04   comments (0)

Millions of nuggets

(viewed 684 times)
Each year millions of chicks suffer to make chicken nuggets. And theyre turned into rank putrid parcels of sick. have this great looking ad campaign running at the moment. With the tag line "GO VEG!". Ha. Something weird happened to my photo though...

24th Nov 2005, 09:24   comments (2)

Freshly sweezy anyone?

(viewed 584 times)
Was gonna have some orange juice at the noodle bar but through it may make me feel a little swoozy...
18th Nov 2005, 17:02   comments (0)

Toy town lights

(viewed 656 times)
This whole big Canary Wharf thing is like one giant toy town. It feels like youre in the Truman Show. I especially liked the Reuters building with had live stock prices flying around its girth on some JumboTron type display. Just in case you need to know the price of XYZ Corp while your walking the dog.
18th Nov 2005, 17:00   comments (0)

West country action

(viewed 1452 times)
Its that time of year again when the surf grows and your body shrinks from the cold...

Hows ya leg?

(viewed 1126 times)
On asking Joe how his leg was feeling I was a little surpised to recieve this pic.

He said, "Hurts a bit, and generally pretty sore". No shit. How many times is he gonna keep doing this stuff.
8th Nov 2005, 10:35   comments (3)

Life and soul...

(viewed 1462 times)
Found these two proping each other up in the corner of the bar the other night. Im not sure why but I got the feeling that they werent really up for it.


(viewed 686 times)
Champagne or water. The friday afternoon dilema.
4th Nov 2005, 17:31   comments (1)