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Long stick-o-magnets

(viewed 1310 times)
The magents have arrived and as it said in the ad they are very strong. Oh the fun that we can have.
3rd Apr 2006, 10:19   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Wear the badge on the outside

(viewed 543 times)
THis is part of my new series of photos taken of people who think that the label put on the sleeve of a jacket when you buy it is actually meant to stay there! Ha. Muppets.
23rd Mar 2006, 08:46   comments (0)

Label lovers

(viewed 611 times)
Another post of someone who leaves the label on their sleeve thinking that it actaully meant to stay there. Ha.
23rd Mar 2006, 08:44   comments (0)

Armed and dangerous

(viewed 1635 times)
21st Feb 2006, 11:58   | tags:,,,,comments (6)

Purple Pixel Fish

(viewed 7266 times)
These fish are so pretty, and the colours look so bright that they dont look real. The purple and orange fish has a gradient down its middle. It looks like its made up from lots of purple pixels.


(viewed 2287 times)
Made me think about my stance, but I think its actually refering to something else completely.

S&M Bishopsgate

(viewed 1410 times)
Cute little place that does nice sausage and mash. Several types of sauasagae, mash , and even gravy. The port and something gravy is worth trying...


(viewed 696 times)
Baby Beatrice with aunty Tracy.
6th Dec 2005, 13:12   comments (2)