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lt looks like shoe polish

(viewed 728 times) smells like shoe polish but its actually for chewing on. mmm.
4th Mar 2004, 09:55   comments (0)

just a short walk

(viewed 674 times)
3rd Mar 2004, 17:07   comments (0)

the dark shadow

(viewed 1339 times)
3rd Mar 2004, 17:07   comments (1)

cheese shaped printers

(viewed 617 times)
3rd Mar 2004, 17:07   comments (0)

take me up the oxo tower baby..

(viewed 621 times)
3rd Mar 2004, 17:07   comments (0)

see thames and st pauIs

(viewed 1034 times)
3rd Mar 2004, 15:44   comments (2)

oh what exotic location?

(viewed 675 times)
hmm now where is this beautiful beach?
3rd Mar 2004, 15:35   comments (3)

girl in red leather boots

(viewed 745 times)
I saw a girl this morning sporting a rather fine pair of boots upon her shapely calves [?]. I asked her for a photo and got this action shot. Just like whats his name the fashion photo guy, no? French name.. Guy someone.
3rd Mar 2004, 11:56   comments (4)