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: Chica-boom-boarders

(viewed 1709 times)
Boarding in Brazil in the middle of summer! Now this cant be right and it certainly isnt fair. I dont care thats its almost 30 degree in London this week I wanna play in the snow too...
6th Sep 2004, 17:16   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

the home of the future

(viewed 656 times)

So I guess this voids the warranty then?
25th Jul 2004, 14:39   comments (4)

Swedish home life

(viewed 567 times)

Cup of tea und a nice piece of coconut cake...
22nd Jul 2004, 11:01   comments (1)

apricot not orange?

(viewed 559 times)

I think Apricots should have been named "Oranges". They are way more orange the oranges.
21st Jul 2004, 23:18   comments (0)

eyes on stalks

(viewed 636 times)

21st Jul 2004, 23:18   comments (2)


(viewed 685 times)

No ironing this shit either..
16th Jul 2004, 18:31   comments (1)

Rough as! stormy looking.

(viewed 525 times)

..that was me feeeling rough as. The weather was just looking stormy!
10th Jul 2004, 12:11   comments (0)

Now Ive seen it all! Video-dryer

(viewed 528 times)

9th Jul 2004, 19:26   comments (0)