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Helicopter rescue

(viewed 710 times)
30th Aug 2005, 19:33   comments (2)

Rocking surf

(viewed 891 times)
Some nice clean surf in Cornwall right now. Blue skies, offshore, not that many people out. What have I done to deserve this? Think I must have stolen someone elses karma.
30th Aug 2005, 19:29   comments (3)

Alien Protection

(viewed 4118 times)
Office chaos now complete. There is no way the aliens can intercept the Swede thought process now. We have saved him.

Tin office

(viewed 759 times)
So were almost there now.... just a few more items to cover.
26th Aug 2005, 15:41   comments (4)

Tin phone

(viewed 990 times)
Well we started the weekly friday project. Makes answering Andy's phone slightly tricky.

26th Aug 2005, 15:22   comments (6)

Laser beam

(viewed 1847 times)
A mad flash of light crossed the sky just before the sun set.
26th Aug 2005, 11:03   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

Marble Hill House

(viewed 2189 times)
I wouldnt have suspected that this wanna gonna happen though... dancing girls

Dancing Girls : Brazillian Samba

(viewed 7403 times)
Went to a Brazillian music festival over the weekend. Couldnt understand the Portugeuse but loved the dancing...