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London burning

(viewed 699 times)
13th Sep 2005, 08:50   comments (0)

Child Steals Fruit

(viewed 668 times)
9th Sep 2005, 12:59   comments (1)

Blue Wave

(viewed 1527 times)
Not really sure what these are suposed to be. Got a nice grindy slab underneath it though.

Tank Attack

(viewed 1413 times)
Driving along minding my own business when I see a tank in my rear view mirror. Almost drove off a bridge.
8th Sep 2005, 14:12   | tags:,,comments (0)

Fire peolple

(viewed 685 times)
Wooden sculptures of people made from fire damaged timber.
8th Sep 2005, 14:01   comments (0)

Wet butts

(viewed 1415 times)
8th Sep 2005, 14:00   comments (5)

dog digging

(viewed 568 times)
What is it with dogs and kids? They just love digging in the sand.
30th Aug 2005, 19:41   comments (0)

Need liquid

(viewed 612 times)
30th Aug 2005, 19:39   comments (0)