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Blue Mountain

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A blue mountain
With drifting cloud,
How plainly
You do smile at me;
Let not others see!

Lady Ôtomo of Sakanoue (ca. 695 - 750)
9th Jan 2012, 18:10   | tags:,comments (3)


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The peace of great hearts be for you,
Valves of the blood of the sun, 20
Pumps of the strongest wants we cry.

The peace of great silhouettes be for you,
Shadow dancers alive in your blood now,
Alive and crying, “Let us out, let us out.”

The peace of great changes be for you. 25
Whisper, Oh beginners in the hills.
Tumble, Oh cubs—to-morrow belongs to you.

The peace of great loves be for you.
Rain, soak these roots; wind, shatter the dry rot.
Bars of sunlight, grips of the earth, hug these.

Carl Sandburg. For You (l. 19-30).
8th Jan 2012, 19:04   | tags:,comments (4)

Sunbeam to Shade

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"I LOVE you, little maid,"
Said the Sunbeam to the Shade,
As all day long she shrank away before him;
But at twilight, ere he died,
She was weeping at his side;
And he felt her tresses softly trailing o'er him.

John. B. Tabb. Child Verse, Poems Grave & Gay. 1899.

7th Jan 2012, 17:41   | tags:,comments (10)

Red Velvet Lunch

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On the Road Again

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Poor Owen. He's gotten skin infections quarterly this past year and has a new one now. We'll be starting a new diet tomorrow to determine if it's food related as it has been suspected to be environmental only in the past.
30th Dec 2011, 15:16   | tags:,comments (7)

When you got no money...

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walking's free.

Took my friend to the boardwalk this afternoon. Windy and cold, but we saw a helicopter doing circles right over the surface of the river, training, not rescuing, we hoped, and people walking dogs, and a lot of hungry seagulls. My friend was hungry too.

Arts and Industries

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Workmen on the roof of the Arts & Industries Building.

View from L'Enfant

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Capitol Building seen from overpass near L'Enfant Plaza. Second photo is the Smithsonian Institution building, and the third is the Natural History Museum,which was completely packed with tourists. Packed!