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You wanna get ahead?

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Get a hat!
20th Sep 2009, 06:55   comments (4)

And then a big chunk of it blew up!!

We'd left the pit and were in Boulder, had a bite to eat, wandered into the SuperPit shop, as you do when you're on holiday.
There was a sign on the counter saying "explosion today at 13.00hrs".
It was 12.45hrs.
We jumped into the ute and shot back up there, carpark full, a hundred people there.
At exactly 13.00hrs, with the whole pit silent, all the vehicles parked up the top in rows, drivers off having their lunch, nothing moving, the explosion happened.
I had my camera perched ontop of the seven foot high perimeter fence and hoped it was aimed right, just holding on to the shutter release as the explosives were detonated, first a big one in the middle, then gradually outwards from there in waves.
It all took about 2 seconds, from start to finish.
The noise of the blast was actually less than the sound made by one of those enormous diggers tipping it's first 20-odd tons into an empty truck.
All muffled by the rock & earth.
Spectacular. A bonus.
15th Sep 2009, 16:19   comments (7)

Back @ the Superpit

Because of the late afternoon shadow when we first went to the Superpit lookout platform I wanted to go back in the middle of the day so the light would be getting right into the bottom of the 350m deep hole in the ground.
And bring along the 300mm VR lens.
The (reasonably sized) white utility van next to the massive earth-movers shows the scale of these monsters and you can see a bloke standing next to one of the diggers getting some maintainance done on it.
Anja & I are standing in the mouth of one of those diggers that are working down there.
15th Sep 2009, 16:07   comments (6)

Inside Australia, by night.

We returned to lake Ballard for the sunset.
It wasn't much of a sunset but we made the most of it.

Once it'd gone completely dark we realised that we'd walked hundreds of meters out into a remote salt lake in the middle of Australian nowhere-land without a torch and weren't entirely sure where we'd parked the ute.

Black as black is.

With big spiders, and Emus.
15th Sep 2009, 15:59   comments (11)

And then an Emu appeared!

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Just strolled past in front of us.
15th Sep 2009, 15:52   comments (3)

Kalgoorlie miner's hall of fame

Is a kind of living museum.
They've transplanted several complete buildings and loads of old equipment to this old worked-out goldmine and built a big concrete visitor's centre (complete with gift shop & cafe) and a Japanese garden(?).
The original mine head-works-thingy brings us tourists down (4 at a time plus guide) in a far too small industrial lift, to a depth of 121 feet.
Anja was fine untill I converted 121 feet into 36 meters for her, at which point she headed back toward the lift with a shaking of head and a "I'm not too sure about all this".
But she shook it off and shot down those narrow tunnels like a rat out of an aquaduct. It was all I could do to keep up with her, I am after all not quite as narrow as she.
15th Sep 2009, 15:06   comments (1)

Blown away on Lake Ballard!

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Anja getting to grips with one of Gormley's statues on Lake Ballard and nearly getting blown away for her troubles.
15th Sep 2009, 14:51   comments (1)

Roaaaaad - Traaaaain!

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Had a chat with the driver of this little toy.
Didn't like to show him a picture of my wagon, which I thought was pretty big.
I don't think its all that tough. They drive only on designated (out of town) roads, generally in a straight line for hours and hours, to a depot with acres of space where they've been dozens of times before.
Let them try getting through eight drops in the centre of London or Amsterdam, with just one trailer behind.
That's tough! Hurrumph!

As he pulled away I took several shots static as the rig passed through my field of view. This was the result of getting the computer to try and make a panorama stitch of the images.
14th Sep 2009, 02:35   comments (12)