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Posted by pinktinker

6th Nov 2008, 16:13   comments (3)

Hello, this is Troels, drummer of Alphabeat.

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"Hello, this is Troels, drummer of Alphabeat. We have had a fantastic evening tonight but first of all we had like probably yeah one of, one of the longest days we've had in a while because we had to get up at 6 this morning, go to 4Music studio to do a session this morning at 9 o'clock or something like that but we had to get up really really early and after that we went off to Oxford where we are tonight and have been tonight and we did some interviews and stuff like that this afternoon and we did a sound check as usual and yeah after that we, we had like an hour to chill out and then doors opened. We watch Pandering and the Goldiggers and Das Pop again and after that we went on the stage. It was our 3rd time in Oxford. It was the 3rd time we played the Academy but the first time that we played the big room and tonight was sold out. Thank you very much Oxford. It was excellent. It was, well we've talked about it afterwards and it was probably the best night on the tour so far. It was really excellent. You guys were just yeah everyone was dancing and just having a good time. People were dancing, screaming, singing, clapping, doing whatever they felt like and that's really what our goal is and what our aim is with our concerts. We, we just want people to have a really really good time and not to really think about what, yeah not to think about anything. Just let themselves get loose and just go nuts and people really really, yeah they was just crazy tonight. So thank you very very much Oxford. We hope that we sent you enough, love, love and yeah well, it's really really hard to describe because it's a really really really weird feeling and I've said really a 100 times now but it was really really really really really good to be back in Oxford. My Mum were here studying back in the 70's but that's a total other story. So speak to you tomorrow. We're gonna go out for a pint and yeah see you. Bye bye."

Posted by weightwisecoach04

5th Nov 2008, 22:59   comments (4)

Hello, it's Stine here from Alphabeat

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Hello, it's Stine here from Alphabeat. We just played Oxford tonight and it was an absolutely amazing crowd. Best crowd so far we agreed actually. So yeah let's see if anyone can live up to that after. And yesterday I did, Never Mind The Buzzcocks which was a lot of fun. Simon was very very friendly and Jack Dee was my team captain and did the best he could to make me, make me feel good. So I had fun and it's gonna be on TV tomorrow (BBC2 - 9pm). So I hope I get to watch it. Yeah and I think I'm just gonna get an early night today may cos it was quite a long day yesterday. So good night everybody and see you soon. Bye."

Posted by weightwisecoach04

5th Nov 2008, 22:25   comments (4)

Oxford Crowd Photos

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Oxford Academy - November 5th.... Can you see yourself in Stine's photos?
Prove it to us for a chance to win an Ipod Touch filled with tour content.

Simply text a photo of yourself, the word BEAT and the gig you
attended to 07786 201241, and if we recognise you we'll put you in
the draw.

Good Luck...

Posted by weightwisecoach04

5th Nov 2008, 22:11   comments (1)

"Hello, hello, hello. It's Lil Anders from Alphabeat

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"Hello, hello, hello. It's Lil Anders from Alphabeat on the Alphabeat moblog, moblog and this is my first afternoon blog. So I'm I'm really excited about that. I'm standing at the Academy in Oxford where we're playing our gig tonight and it's raining a bit. I'm having a cup of coffee, having a relatively good time actually and we've just done a sound check. Everything's sounding good. So we're all ready to go bananas tonight with all you guys and it's another sold out gig. So it's amazing and we've played Oxford 2 times before and both of them really good I have to say and it's a very nice, it's a very nice little city indeed. So if it wasn't for the rain I was definitely gonna have a little stroll around town but yeah I don't know, I don't know what else to say. I don't know what you say in an afternoon block but I hope to, we hope to see a lot of you guys tonight and hope you have a good gig and we'll speak to you later after the gig. Bye bye."

Posted by weightwisecoach04

5th Nov 2008, 16:54   comments (0)


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Posted by fastcashadvanceloan

4th Nov 2008, 21:19   comments (0)


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Posted by fastcashadvanceloan

4th Nov 2008, 16:51   comments (0)

Hello, hello, hello, this is Anders SG

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Hello, hello, hello, this is Anders SG. We are, we've just done a gig in in Brighton and in wonderful Brighton and it was, it was quite good. We've been in the venue before, we actually were here I think months ago saw the Go! team and it really is a really good venue. Really love it and it was so loud so, and yeah it's been a really good day. We went out before the gig and had and had a meal in the park. So yeah everything's brilliant and yeah not much more to see we gonna go back to and to our apartment now in London and have a good nights sleep and since Stine is going to do a TV Show tomorrow morning. Yeah. Ok. That's it. See you all. Bye bye."
- spoken through SpinVox

Posted by weightwisecoach04

3rd Nov 2008, 23:47   comments (3)