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Hello, this is Anders the bass player

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"Hello, this is Anders the bass player from Alphabeat. We just came off stage at the ABC venue in Glasgow and that was totally amazing. This was probably the best audience we have ever played for so we were really really, really happy about this gig. I think all of us were really really excited and we were totally with our hands above our heads and pretty much dancing after the gig. So we must admit that Glasgow is amazing to play in so now we will celebrate it with some beers or some champagne and later drive on to the next gig. So we hope that you had a good time cos we definitely had. So we really want to thank all of you guys very very very very very much. Thank you from AlphaBeat"
- spoken through SpinVox
24th Oct 2008, 22:28   | tags: (+)comments (0)

Glasgow Crowd

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Can you see yourself? Prove it to us for a chance to win an Ipod Touch
filled with tour content!

Simply text a photo of yourself, the word 'Beat' and the gig you attended to
*07786 201241*, and if we recognise you we'll put you in the draw.

Good Luck

Posted by weightwisecoach04

24th Oct 2008, 22:06   comments (5)

Hello everybody this is Troels. Yesterday we had

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"Hello everybody this is Troels. Yesterday we had a day off in Glasgow and we were actually all just relaxing going to burger bars and stuff like that and the reason why is because we had a great time in Edinburgh. We played the liquid rooms on Wednesday night and it was a great night and after that we went out with the other guys and pandering at the Gold Diggers and Dusk Top and yeah we had a pint too much but it was really really good. So yeah that's about it. Tonight we're live in Glasgow planning a sold outBBC gig and we've just had a sound check and everything was going smooth and well. So yeah you later Glasgow. Bye bye."

- spoken through SpinVox

Posted by weightwisecoach04

24th Oct 2008, 17:39   comments (0)


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Posted by Kristie6699

24th Oct 2008, 16:51   comments (0)

liquid rooms edinburgh , steven alg

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Beat liquid rooms edinburgh , steven algie middle photo

Posted by moblogm

23rd Oct 2008, 21:42   comments (0)

They appear provided. Champs and beaker style gla

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"They appear provided. Champs and beaker style glasses with scuba style straw fancy dress is a must. Theme animals from the zoo. There will be a fire for roasting marshmallows. I shall now repeat the message."
- spoken through SpinVox

Posted by weightwisecoach04

23rd Oct 2008, 18:14   comments (0)


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Posted by GoDarren

23rd Oct 2008, 17:55   comments (0)


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Beat edinburgh

Posted by jethay

23rd Oct 2008, 12:27   comments (0)