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Rough branding for a Bakery

(viewed 2461 times)
This is a rough for a branding project I did yesterday for a bakery. Unfortunately, changes will be needed - my logo has phallic, 'chode' like qualities!
11th Mar 2010, 18:30   comments (2)

Filter Tilter logo

(viewed 1009 times)
more freelance work, I wanted to use a geometrically smooth art deco style after researching Cassandre and McKnight for a uni essay
31st Jan 2010, 11:40   comments (1)

Magazine Layout 2

(viewed 7830 times)
And again for Modernist designer Josef Muller- Brockmann! (this is over a 2 page spread)
26th Jan 2010, 22:22   comments (0)

Carson Magazine Layout

(viewed 8631 times)
Had to do a magazine layout in the style of Post modern designer David Carson.
26th Jan 2010, 22:22   comments (0)

Stephen Fry

(viewed 1079 times)
This was another information rich poster that we had to do over a span of three weeks. Like the teapot it had to be mostly image based, but packed with information about bits of our chosen person's life.

It also had to have a focal point, and a path for the eye while looking aesthetically pleasing. See if you can figure out what my visual metaphors refer to!
29th Nov 2009, 19:07   comments (4)

Teapot - form and function

(viewed 1170 times)
Another brief for uni: We were each given an object that we had to produce an 'information rich' poster for according to its material, form and function. I was given a teapot :-).

This was meant to be a group project, but I had to do it on my own because I missed the chance of pairing up with people on the day we were supposed to.
30th Oct 2009, 15:38   comments (5)

Adolescent 't'

(viewed 868 times)
Next part of project: take the same form and change it according to the words we are given - mine were "rebellious" and "adolescent". We also had to make the letter look like it was part of the same family... this was a real challenge! (This is also drawn with a pine cone and ink)
29th Sep 2009, 22:14   comments (2)

Sophisticated 't'

(viewed 812 times)
This is a letterform that we had to make within the day for my Graphic design course - This letter had to be sophisitcated and elegant. It was drawn with a pine cone dipped in ink and then scanned into photoshop to make the colour solid.
25th Sep 2009, 17:21   comments (3)
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