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Like, just what am I supposed to put here? Something interesting and witty?

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Carrot anyone?

(viewed 636 times)
These two came out of the garden recently, and they're not the biggest either. That one went into the soup!
26th Nov 2005, 11:05   comments (2)

Is it GNU?

(viewed 813 times)
Well at least in a fire you know it won't crash!
2nd Jul 2005, 20:24   comments (5)

Dark Night

(viewed 757 times)
It's almost enough to make you wonder just what's lurking.
28th Feb 2005, 17:28   comments (1)

The joy

(viewed 926 times)
of someone else's garden!
3rd Aug 2004, 12:31   comments (2)

Attack of the Klippits

(viewed 804 times)
Thanks Lakeland!
18th Jul 2004, 10:40   comments (1)

Sneaking between the support pylons

(viewed 950 times)
The GF put the winerack together with only a little help. OK, I had to help with the glue and screws.
28th Jun 2004, 18:27   comments (1)


(viewed 831 times)
for the train. I think this characterises commuter trave
for many people. Dull, uninspiring, no personality and on autopilot.
28th Jun 2004, 08:43   comments (0)

Sitting waiting

(viewed 718 times)
For a client. I thought the carpet looked the most interesting thing to take a picture of. My life is so interesting at times!
24th Jun 2004, 09:21   comments (0)
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