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Yo. Bronxelf here. So, I came to the conclusion that I sort of liked the idea of a 365 project, but really wasn't up to taking photos of me every day.

What sounded in some ways more challenging, but in some ways more comfortable was to twist it slightly and do 365 days of my avatar on Second Life.

AK, as I think everyone knows are my initials. They're also the initials of my avatar. And my avatar is well... pretty much like me. So there you go.

Um, I don't know the first thing about CSS, so I'll uh.. get to that.

Other, more traditional, currently active or completed 365 projects include...

365 Days of Mr. Kyoob
My Defective Ear(the one that started this madness- COMPLETE!)
See Me
Slice of Life
Whose Shoes?

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Cover set.

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Covering for Lokii at Club Zero tonight.

Tonight, I will be Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

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At the Heroes and Villains Ball.

Today, I am modeling shoes.

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Today, I have Pete Burns hair.

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A misty morning over Dark Eternity.

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(okay TECHNICALLY, it's DE and Gaslight, since this shot is right on the border...)

And I'm off to bed.

scenes from Baby, It's Cold Outside.

28th Jan 2010, 02:23   comments (2)

(finally) Scenes from Darkskate.

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6 hours and 34 minutes of party. MASSIVE amount of people on the sim, and people really enjoyed themselves.

more from yesterday's photo shoot

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