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Web 2.0 Networked Learning Community

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Hi. I am Diana from TAFE NSW Sydney Institute.

Together with my co-facilitators Sean Fitzgerald and Barbara Campbell, we are looking at setting up a community of practice (CoP) with the purpose of exploring Web 2.0 technologies in education and related learning theories, such as Connectivism and Networked Learning.

Based on peer-to-peer learning principles, the network will provide an opportunity for members to share skills and knowledge and mentor each other in new tools, practices and concepts.

The network will be built on the open web using Web 2.0 tools, modelling the process of creating networked learning communities based on personalised learning environments, thereby reflecting the underlying philosophy of learner-centred, self-organising, egalitarian networks.

Diana Khabbaz, CEO Innovations, Learning & Innovation
TAFE NSW Sydney Institute
28th Apr 2006, 02:33   comments (1)

Remote and virtual workers network

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28th Apr 2006, 01:56   comments (1)

NSW Government Agencies e-Learning Network

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Hi, Michael Broad here.

I have just completed a Grad Dip in eLearning and am looking forward to putting my experiences and theories into practice.The NSW Government Agencies e-Learning Network will provide learning and development professionals in the public sector with an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge on all phases of the e-learning development process, and the implementation of e-Learning in the workplace.

The network will also look at the possibility of sharing resources among agencies.

Michael Broad
Leadership Development Manager/eLearning Manager, Attorney General's Department of NSW
28th Apr 2006, 01:25   comments (1)

PD for Working with Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)

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PD for Working with Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) is an emerging technologies initiative running across all TAFEWA colleges in 2006. Collaborating teams in and between colleges are developing practical innovative teaching, learning and assessment solutions using these mobile technologies.

We encourage VET practitioners nationwide to tag along and learn from (follow and interact with) our teams on their learning journey.

*More information to come shortly*

27th Apr 2006, 05:14   comments (1)

RedHot Management Emergency Cost effective solutions needed

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Its Laurie Johns submitting this blog entry,

I am working collaboratively with Rod Stebbing technical co facilitator, from Emergency Service Training Initiative (ESTI) at Swinburne University to host a new online community of practice network in the development of Emergency Management Training by utilising e-learning.

It will involve establishing a series of online tools to facilitate communication and development of e-learning opportunities between Swinburne, Lakelands Faculty of Business, fire training staff at Alberta and the Australian fire agencies including Police, Ambulance, Local Government representatives, Industry, State Emergency Services (SES), Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of sustainability and the Environment (DSE).

Australia is blessed with generous people that unselfishly give their spare time to support emergency services like the fire services and SES etc.

A lot of these volunteers live in remote locations and therefore training and professional development can be a bit of a problem. These valuable volunteers deserve good management at the local level.

Its difficult to provide the training thats needed in their location and its just as hard and costly to drag them all together at a central location many 100s of kilometres away.

Our Emergency Management Training Network will be exploring e-learning options and the range of available tools. Using these tools will be part of the networks experience; with the focus of recommending a diverse online delivery strategy that best fits the needs and learning styles of the intended audience for the new online Emergency Management Training.

Laurie Johns
26th Apr 2006, 12:33   comments (3)

Construction Teachers Network

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The Construction Teachers Network is a helping network that operates
across the country. I am a carpentry teacher from Victoria.
26th Apr 2006, 11:04   comments (1)

Trainers Professional development Network

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After doing a LearnScope course last year and an e-facilitation course this year.
I am totally hooked on the concept of online learning. It was such a revelation to me to see the different tools available.
The idea of this network is to show other trainers and assessors these tools and how they could use them to interact with their clients, especially the 'generation Y' clients.
Janice Barrett
Senior Training Co-ordinator Work & Training Ltd

26th Apr 2006, 07:52   comments (1)

Network of Schools Private And Catholic Education (NetSPACE)

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Network of Schools Private And Catholic Education (NetSPACE)Sandra Robinson (fll 2002) and I ( Steve McVey) (FLL2004) are working with the 6 clusters of the Independent and Catholic schools sector in W.A. to assist their migration to e-learning.

The main focus on the network will be the development of online communication among the cluster participants. These clusters have had limited exposure to e-learning but are keen to learn about e-facilitation and the basics of instructional design to maximise their network potential and to enhance learning of theirstudents.

It will be interesting to compare this network with the government schools sector network we facilitated in 2005.

Stephen McVey
Director, Skills Strategies International Pty. Ltd.

26th Apr 2006, 07:48   comments (1)