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Hi everyone,

this is Audrey and Karen from Queensland Community Arts Network (QCAN). I am the Training Manager at QCAN and Karen is the Information and Publications Manager. We thought we would tell you something about QCAN as most people not involved in community cultural development or community arts may not be aware of what the organization does.

QCAN is a statewide community based service that supports and promotes community cultural development (ccd) practice. We create links between groups, support the skills development of our members and ensure they have access to ideas, resources and information. Our members are arts and ccd workers, community groups and organisations and local government.Our e-Learning group, CCDLearn-Net, is a network of community cultural development practitioners and trainers within local government and the community. Together we will explore innovative ways to develop new skills and knowledge using e-learning tools and collaborative processes.

Audrey Hutchison
Training and Education Manager
Queensland Community Arts Network

3rd May 2006, 23:57   comments (1)

Fascinating Networks!

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Hi everyone

What a smorgasbord of e-learning networks have been described so far!

Thank you all for making such an effort, in this initial activity of getting to know one another and the networks you present.

You will have noticed that there is a diversity of networks and involvement of different organisations - and across all States/Territories (though the only SA link is with Ian Malcolm's Construction Teachers Network which includes Brian Gepp as the SA co-facilitator).

Jyothi and I are looking forward to meeting you all for the Induction Workshop on Friday. There will be lots to share and learn from one another. Also, hopefully you will all gain some ideas and insights on e-learning generally and how best to facilitate an online network from some of the key presentations.

Have you visited yet 'Coach Carole's' space for you (the E-Learning E-Mentoring Essentials or 'Three EEE's')?
Go to:
Thank you for sending in your graphic symbols representing your network. Lynn Huguenin has been first off the block in returning her guesses in matching up network to symbol! So keep those coming in - though there will be opportunity for you guesses at the beginning of the workshop....

Now, a little bit about myself.... I have a background in teaching and learning of many years in communication and history. I developed an interest in using technologies in learning from my involvement in LearnScope teams and from experimenting with using e-learning options (like many of us!).
I've worked on Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects since 2000, including Flexible Learning Leaders, Flexways, LearnScope and E-learning Networks. Whilst I enjoy technologies, I've developed a new-found interest in gardening, especially in cultivating old roses....

See you soon!!:-) Cathy
3rd May 2006, 02:55   comments (1)

Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutors Network

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Hi Everyone.

My name is Nina Woodrow and I work as the Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Coordinator at Yeronga Institute of TAFE in Brisbane, Queensland. Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutors have been a part of the TAFE environment in Queensland for more than 20 years. Tutors undertake a short qualifying training program in literacy tutoring and then work under the supervision of Tutor Coordinators to provide unpaid support and tuition to students struggling to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in a range of contexts. This network will provide the means by which tutors from two institutes of TAFE in Brisbane (Yeronga Insistute of TAFE and Moreton
Institute of TAFE) can form a larger community of practice.

Volunteer Tutors, Tutor Coordinators and Literacy Teaching staff will interact with each other using online communication tools and develop a new set of e-learning skills through the creation of "digital stories" (DST). We envisage that DSTs created by tutors will allow us to document experiences
with within the programs, and capture the skills and knowledge generated through the practice of literacy tutoring. These stories will then be uploaded to a customised e-learning platform (Janison LMS at YIT) . We hope that the DSTs, and the network, will help us to identify the approaches and
strategies that can overcome barriers to learning and allow us to share these more readily with each other and the wider VET community.!DEPTSTAMP1!

2nd May 2006, 05:45   comments (0)

Ve-learning Network

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Hi everyone

My name is Leona Norris, from Centre for Advancement of Innovative Learning (CAIL), which is a staff capability unit within TAFE Queensland.

I'm facilitating the Vocational e-learning Network or Ve-learning Network. The network will provide an online support platform for TAFE Queensland LearnScope 2006. This year's LearnScope project involves working with TAFE Queensland institutes to identify their e-learning needs, and the development and implementation of e-learning action plans. The action plans will enable staff to acquire e-learning skills to effectively meet the diverse needs of their clients.The Ve-learning Network will ensure that staff are able to share ideas, form collaborative networks, and provide support for each other as they work through their individual Ve-learning projects. The network's home will be on EdNA groups. The network will also play a vital role in the change management process for the introduction of a systemic LCMS and LMS. It will build on current good practice and act as a reference point for future support networks.

I am very excited about this year's journey and look forward to meeting you all in Canberra.

Leona Norris
Project Officer, Centre for Advancement of Innovative Learning (CAIL)

2nd May 2006, 01:38   comments (0)

eCommunicate Network

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My name is Jo Kay and I work in the Teaching and Learning Resource Unit at TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute. I am currently working with a small group from the Illawarra to set up a network for teachers from Access and General Education who are interested in Web 2.0 technologies - or the Read/Write Web.The eCommunicate Network will be aimed at those new to Web 2.0 technologies and their use in VTE, and will be focussed on identifying ways that these tools can be used to achieve learning outcomes across a range of subject areas within Access and General Ed.

We'll be doing some blogging and podcasting experiments with students, and we've a few fun, creative mini-projects planned for both teachers and students to get involved in.

Anyway I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday!

1st May 2006, 23:12   comments (2)

E-Assessment in Community Services

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Hello,Have followed all the instructions as best I could. Hope it is correct!

My name is Jo Fuller and I work in Community Services, TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute. Our network's focus is as the title suggests e-assessment in Community Services. The network will explore the issues of assessing online, research and trial available tools and establish a Bank of Assessments that can be used for the Community Services sector. So can you assess nappy changing online? Well we hope to provide suggestions as to how these practical skills such as this can be assessed in an online environment.

Jo Fuller
Teaching and Learning Manager
Community Services, TAFE NSW SWSI

1st May 2006, 16:24   comments (0)

Talking about Voice

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Hi, My name is Lynn Huguenin and I work at Gippstafe in Victoria. Our network's focus is to explore the use of online voice tools including Voice Email, Voice Boards, Voice Chat, Live Classrooms and Audio Blogging. There will be many opportunities for members of the network to experiment with the use of these tools. The network will have a practical focus, concentrating on the best ways to utilise voice tools in an online line teaching environment.

Lynn Huguenin
Business Studies, Leongatha

30th Apr 2006, 23:58   comments (0)

Networks : Mobile Blogging

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Mobile blogging is undergoing an educational renovation revolution. More information located here
How do you think social computing and new and emergent mobile communications technologies will affect your work practices / core duties in the near future ? What advantages are there for those seeking inclusion whilst on the run so to speak ? What sorts of mobile learning are you employing in your teaching / learning / training environments and why ?
28th Apr 2006, 07:00   | tags:comments (3)