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The AFLF moblog serves to 'point' to all moblogs that have in some way been part of the networked activities of the Australian Flexible Learning Network, EDNA, Australian Mobile Learning Practitioners Network and others.

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Rockin it for Engageme

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My name is Nathan Burling and I am a HYPAR co-ordinator and teacher @ OTEN. We are currently running an Engageme project with our Ulladulla HYPAR CGVE group- it has been a great experience for both teachers and students. E-learning rocks!
26th Oct 2005, 04:47   | tags:comments (1)

Dilys at Ulladulla

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Hi, I'm Dilys...working on the engageme project with Nathan at OTEN. I work with young people studying by distance and occasionally get out to meet them. Today Nathan, Paul Alex, Andrew and I visited the Ulladulla youth group who are just finishing off their year 10 - a terrific feat. We also did some blogging and moblogging. I still think it's magic. The kids are experts and the roles are totally reversed.
26th Oct 2005, 04:43   | tags:comments (2)

photo and profile for moblog

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HiLeona at Hornsby TAFE working with young people getting their Year 10;
I love finding new ways to make learning fun (for me and students) and
so we got into moblogging on the engageme project...steep learning curve
all round and I'm now thinking about more e-learning options if I can
get more experience with the technology (I am just as much the learner
in ICT as my students so we walk together when trying these activities).Regards
21st Oct 2005, 00:09   comments (1)

I *heart* the Internet, myself...

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Feeling shy tonight. Kylie from the Hunter. Freewheelin' cowgirl of the net. Moblog is at blog is at

Currently mentor on the Engage_me project, the wwwGraffiti project for Links@Learning/Syndey Institute. Also web mistress at (starting soon, so that version is not mine...).

Local gun for hire...
20th Oct 2005, 09:52   | tags:comments (1)

I wont give up on the tech. cha

(viewed 658 times)
I wont give up on the technological challenges! We want the best for our students in our TAFE Library, especially our 15-19 year olds. We want to develop innovative approaches and solutions to their learning needs.
20th Oct 2005, 08:39   comments (1)

Paula Williams

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OTEN - Moblogging development in VET sector NSW - has been involved in the Engageme trials and is an avid moblogger herself.
20th Oct 2005, 06:18   comments (0)

Leigh Blackall

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Hi - Leigh Blackall here from NSW - Learnscope, Jock Grady etc. - I'm currently exploring networked communication technologies that include moblogging!
20th Oct 2005, 04:04   comments (0)

Outback Employability

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Hi folks my name is Nikolai Emery. I have been working with Alex Hayes, Karen Higgins, Gary Lienert and Liz to enhance m learning for youth at Pilbara TAFE as part of the Digital Outback project.

I have been involved in supporting Gary and Liz to integrate employability skills in training using mobile technology, moblogs and blogs.

20th Oct 2005, 01:37   | tags:,comments (0)