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2minute tour is a group adventure in video blogging.

The idea is simple: Take us on a short video tour of anything you care to share. Show us around your home; introduce us to your neighbours; invite us for a drink at your favourite spot; take us on holiday with you. There are no limitations.

Use the video function on your phone or camera; record with your webcam. You can even use a video-cam if you really want to be hip. Just hit the RECORD button...

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a trip around the old damp shed

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In its not so damp state, having had the new ceiling and floor done.

Posted by 540air

29th Sep 2009, 17:53   | tags:comments (3)

Two Minute Turcot

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The Concordia shuttle bus takes exactly two minutes to travel from the Saint Jacques entrance of the 720 to the Guy Street exit. You've seen plenty of photographs of the Turcot interchange taken from the ground. Now you can see what it's like to be driving on the elevated expressway.

Posted by Factotum

A quick carnival tour with some strange bald guy at the end

(viewed 1117 times)
Tiny video by Andy.

Posted by nige


(viewed 704 times)

Posted by DimeBar

14th Sep 2009, 08:53   comments (2)

Sri Lankan Fauna - The Sleepy Head

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"It's amazing, the leaves collapse, and then the branch sort of collapses the stem."

"Is it a defense sort of thing?"

"Uh-huh. And it'll gradually unfold after a bit. It's amazing to think it's a plant that reacts like an animal. How did it evolve? In singhalese it's call methikumba, which means sleepy head."

This is an old(ish) 2min tour i did with my mum before this group existed. The top video shows the action of the folding petals better than the explanation vid - so thought i better include it.

Posted by jc1000000

4th Sep 2009, 16:53   | tags:,,comments (3)

Wish you were here..?

(viewed 1087 times)
Probably not. Quick tour of my front room with deadpan voiceover.

Posted by nige

4th Sep 2009, 16:20   comments (15)

stat bike tour

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Exercise is important. It helps clear the toxic side effects of my chemo, speeds the metabolism and has been proven to reduce fatigue. So 3 days on- one day off, irrespective of how I feel I do it. Of course there's a balance.. I can't push myself at all or my immune system will be further compromised and sometimes I'm not physically able to do more than 20 minutes. But I'm convinced it helps.

So here's the shortest 2 minute tour you'll see - the one place you can guarantee I'll be

(cross posted to 'For Dhamaka' - where I've written a lot more)

Posted by Dhamaka

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