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2minute tour is a group adventure in video blogging.

The idea is simple: Take us on a short video tour of anything you care to share. Show us around your home; introduce us to your neighbours; invite us for a drink at your favourite spot; take us on holiday with you. There are no limitations.

Use the video function on your phone or camera; record with your webcam. You can even use a video-cam if you really want to be hip. Just hit the RECORD button...

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Face man

(viewed 993 times)

Posted by nige

12th Oct 2009, 23:59   comments (4)

2 minute clean

(viewed 857 times)
I wish it did only take 2 minutes.

Posted by beth

6th Oct 2009, 21:53   comments (10)

My home, most evenings.

(viewed 855 times)
When I'm not actually AT home.

Posted by JokerXL

4th Oct 2009, 16:33   comments (4)

a bit like bladerunner...

(viewed 734 times)
turn off the lights, put vangelis on the stereo, sit back, relax, and you'll see what I mean. hopefully...

Posted by billion

4th Oct 2009, 11:23   comments (3)

Boys night in !!

(viewed 792 times)
Mrs on the lash, so i'm looking after the kids......

Posted by DimeBar

30th Sep 2009, 18:24   comments (3)

because it's a bit of fun

(viewed 785 times)
Here are some things you can do whilst riding a bike.

Please note, if you are going to video the ride around a BMX track, it helps to have something that will secure the camera to your handlebars securely. End of public information announcement.

Posted by 540air

30th Sep 2009, 17:35   | tags:comments (3)

a tour to the shop

(viewed 756 times)
To road test the fixed chain. Not quite nige's bomb down the hill, but the best I could come up with at short notice.

Posted by 540air

30th Sep 2009, 16:08   | tags:comments (3)

Autumn biking down the hill

(viewed 692 times)

Posted by nige

29th Sep 2009, 21:19   comments (11)