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When I first started it a number of people expressed an interest in my 100 Portraits moblog so I thought it might be fun to start a group and see who else might join in.

I took the idea from an existing flickr group and have summarised their suggested rules below. However I reinterpreted them - I've never had problems approaching strangers and wanted to include people who knew me as they often muck about, thereby making the whole process more challenging.

Anyway, here's the original proposition:

"Want to be a better street photographer? Want to develop as a photojournalist? In order to be one you often need to have the courage to go and talk with people you don't know. Often it's good if you get them to pose for you or do things in front of the camera while they know you're there. If you're lacking some, you can get better with some practice. This is a contact photo group to inspire you to practice taking portraits of people you don't know. The ultimate challenge for the members is to take 100 portraits of 100 strangers. Candids are not allowed. Little by little, learning by doing you'll get better results. You might even find that taking contact with strangers isn't as scary as you thought it would be. Here's how it goes: Stop people by the street, talk with them, ask if you can take a portrait. Try to get an idea who they are. Write a caption that tells something about the person in portrait. Describe how you got the photo. Don't post archive photos. Get out on the streets to take new ones. Keep on practicing. Don't try to get all 100 pictures during one session, but try to find different people in different locations. Try to get a wide array of portraits: rich, poor, white, black, working, doing sports, etc"

- it'd be great if you join in!

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Nigel Assen, regular samba student and dancer at Guanabara

"Are you a journalist"
"quot;I'm a pensioner"

Out of context quote from Nigel, who I met while researching a piece on samba in the UK. Nigel goes regularly to support Rosa and obviously knows most of the people in the club. When the lesson started he was right in with them all, dancing with more energy and enthusiasm than some of those a quarter his age!

#23 of my sporadic strangers project

Posted by Dhamaka

6th Jan 2009, 23:38   comments (0)

Crossed baskets at dawn

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#21 of my project

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1st Oct 2008, 13:03   comments (0)

caught snapping

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Another portrait... Happy moblirthday for tomorrow Sprocket

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7th Sep 2008, 19:52   | tags:comments (1)

Kat & friend @ ponti's

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When we stopped off for lunch yesterday, the lovely and very inquisitive Kat (on right) was kind enough to help us out with one of our entry photos.

Kat is Italian. Her father is in the arts, and she has a great interest in photography. She asked lots of questions about the competition and had a wonderful sense of awe.

Pictured here with friend and the Picadilly Circus mug we used as a prop.
I said i'd email her this photo. Perhaps i'll send her the link here too.

Posted by nige

10th Aug 2008, 22:59   | tags:comments (5)


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Juan is a tour guide and spin instructor. Originally from Colombia he spent 30 years in Florida, US with his wife and had children there. Things are so much safer ("cleaner" they say) nowadays that they decided to return three years ago. He says the lifestyle is better. Says he now works to live instead of lives to work. He is also happier for his children and pleased that he can be near his parents.

My Spanish wasn't up to describing the project properly so I settled for asking him if I could take his portrait for an internet project.

#18 of my 100

Posted by Dhamaka

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